We have dedicated support team to provide you round the clock support for any change or modification of content, data or image or any for your website or app.

Website Supports are of either paid support or free support within a certain time period for any product either web site or any customized package or presentation or app.

1 year free visibility support for your website: If you have purchased Domain & Hosting services from us apart from making a website, then you are entitled for basic free support of your website throughout the year as long as you continue your website and renew your domain & hostings yearly.

The basic support involves support against any hacking of your website, site down, email password reset in case you forget password or stolen/hacked by any staff etc (and not any content modification or any work), that means it is our area concern to assure you uninterrupted visibility of your website throught the year.

3 month content support for errors is provided by us after completion of development & submission of your website irrespective of hosting on any server.

Paid support : for content per year: You can get paid support/maintenance of your website irrespective of hosting in any server. The paid support can be for content management, data management. Depending upon the frequency of the updation works in the website we quote.

This saves you a lot of money if you have hired an inhouse staff to maintain and update content of your website in that case instead of hiring a staff you can give us the maintenanc job of your website, we will do the same but charge you less than 40% of your staffs salary.

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