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Web Wizards also specialises in making Mobile Applications. We specialise in making Mobile Apps for Android & iOS 

We have made ;

E-Commerce App (for selling products online) : If you are having or planning to have an ecommerce website to sell your products online then making a Mobile App is always advantageous and a necessary need.

Attendance App: If you want to track your employees actual attendance late timings or location of attendance etc then this app is ideal for you as it is GPS enabled.

Sales App: This app makes the working of sales representatives much easier, as the sales representatives of your organisation can see the latest in stock status of any products at your companies inventory whether Available to sale or not along with that intimation on offers and discounts if any on any specific products. Also due to this app taking orders from clients is much easier as it removes the tideous process of noting down in diary and then sending order details through mail or sms etc, As the sales representative adds up products ordered qty in the app and clicks on the save order button immediately a sms is delivered in clients mobile, an email is delivered in clients mail id with order details etc and the order is immediately available to be viewed in the office accounts department or inhouse sales team. This app also gives a quick order history or information etc available to the sales executive before visiting any probable client.

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