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A Web site speaks for a company.

Your website is in most cases the gateway to your company and gives your clients and other business associates a first impression about your company and capabilities.

And why you should chose us is because of the level and quality of support we provide while implementing and after that is unparrallel because the most crucial point of any development is the implementation period and most of the works gets scraped during this period. With our expertise and dedication to work we give our maximum attention for this period which makes our all website development projects a successful launch.

We don't keep any stone unturned to make your website a success and complete your website as per your minutest requirement & desire. We give importance to each and every aspects of changes or modifications that you desire and suggest during development and the tenacity to hold this attitude till the end makes us reliable and different.

The website we make are tailor made based on your requirement, desire and our suggestion and design which results making an international standard website for your organisation.

This makes creating a world class professional website as important a need as having a company itself. Web Wizards assumes pride in its extremely competent and creative Web Development team. We specialize in development using programming languages like PHP, HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, Ajax, Dream weaver, MySQL, SQL Server R2 etc. This service includes Designing and Developing new Internet Web Sites, Developing Intranet sites, Modifications to existing sites, Creating User Interfaces for existing Applications, Mobile Apps Software solutions and other similar functions.

We have experienced professional developers in our team specializes in developing website for our clients according to their need. We develop customised stunning designs and unique design for every individual client. We don't repeat our designs or copy designs from any other sites, all our sites designs are specially created. We have two category of development.

Standard Category @ 10,000/- to 25,000/-
Creative Category starts @ Rs.25,000/-only onwards
However the price of the website depends on the requirement, vastness and level of creativity of the website. The above mentioned price is just to make an idea.

You can also integrate the following softwares with your website if you are looking to sale any products on your website;
Web based Software: E-Commerce / Shopping Cart, Logistics Tracking Software, Daily submission report or agents software, attendance, sales or ecommerce shopping Mobile apps are also available. We also have ERP solution "SNAP CLOUD" to cover your entire companies needs integrating various departments reducing your work time making your official works run in a more coordinated way.

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